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By mastering
maths, they will
master their future.

Only 15 minutes a day. For children ages 4 to 14.

At Smartick, we are here for you...

For each subscription, Smartick donates another one to a child who cannot afford it.
In this exceptional situation, we all support each other. With your subscription, you can help children who need it the most.

Smartick is an online platform for children to learn and master maths - from home - in only 15 minutes a day.

Without parents' help
Smartick is designed for children to work independently, without relying on their parents.
Go beyond calculations
Children also learn programming, reasoning, and problem-solving skills.
Artificial Intelligence
Smartick designs personalised sessions for each child. They advance at their own pace, according to their abilities.
Only 15 minutes a day
That is all they need to master maths, improve their mental agility, and concentration.
Results Guaranteed
Children from over 100 countries are future-proofing their career as they learn with Smartick.
of children have improved their
school grades in maths.
of children have improved their
calculation, logic and problem-solving skills.


Mother of 2 kids
“It's a beautiful argument to have: who get's to do maths that day.”
Dr. Barbara Oakley
Professor at Oakland University
“Smartick is an intelligent, sophisticated program that individually targets each student's own needs.”
Mother of 1 child
“The most interesting aspect about Smartick is that it adapts. It challenges your child to learn more each day.”
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